Being a caregiver can be stressful. We all need a break sometimes.

A respite care provider is available to provide temporary care for individuals with special needs allowing families to get a much needed break. Stable Life is dedicated to helping families get the help that they need. We want to empower families to use their SARC respite hours and aim to make using respite as easy and stress free as possible.

Hispanics have been identified by DDS as …

  • being underserved by Regional Centers

  • under utilizing services that they have been authorized

For Parents/Primary Caregivers who already have SARC Respite Hours:

We offer 2 respite options to meet your family’s needs:

Option 1: Parent can hire their own Caregiver and request Stable Life to send them their hiring packet. Stable Life becomes the employer on your behalf and handles all employer responsibilities, rolls, and pays your Caregiver. Hiree can be a consumer’s grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult sibling, friend, neighbor, - someone you feel comfortable leaving your loved one with.

Option 2: Stable Life can match you with a quality caregiver.

The parents/primary caregiver’s role can be very demanding. Respite provides a much-needed break. These breaks are crucial to maintain a stable home life for the consumer. See more here

We have one of the highest hourly rates at $15/hour.

For Parents/Primary Caregivers who don’t have SARC Respite Hours:

Request In-Home Respite hours be given to your child from your SARC Caseworker. Your Caseworker will work with you to identify your respite needs and authorize the needed number of respite hours.