Being a caregiver can be stressful. We all need a break sometimes.

A respite care provider is available to provide temporary care for individuals with special needs allowing families to get a much needed break. Stable Life is dedicated to helping families get the help that they need. We want to empower families to use their SARC respite hours and aim to make using respite as easy and stress free as possible.

Hispanics have been identified by DDS as …

  • being underserved by Regional Centers

  • under utilizing services that they have been authorized

For Parents/Primary Caregivers who already have SARC Respite Hours:

  • Hire (designate) your own respite provider.* This can be the consumer’s grandparent, aunt/uncle, relative, neighbor, someone you trust. This person can provide respite for your child/adult child. (Please see Respite Care Provider Job Description here for minimum qualifications.)

  • Designated respite providers are hired by the parent but are paid through Stable Life as a third party payer, ensuring payroll and program compliance.

  • The parents’ role can be very demanding and respite for the parents provides a much-needed break. These breaks are crucial to maintain a stable home life for the consumer. See more here

  • We have one of the highest hourly rates at $15/hour.

*If you don’t want to hire someone then call/email/text Stable Life. Let us know your needs (times and days of the month). We will review your child’s IPP and match your needs with a potential provider for you to interview. Notify Stable Life if this person is a fit or not a fit. We will go from there …

For Parents/Primary Caregivers who don’t have SARC Respite Hours:

  • Request In-Home Respite hours be given to your child from your SARC Caseworker. Your Caseworker will work with you to identify your respite needs and authorize the needed number of respite hours.